Life is under lockdown, the society is in a state of panic, fear, denial, generalized anxiety... Extreme measures are being taken, isolation. Our surroundings are becoming different and new. Fake news includes rumors on how to treat and cure the COVID-19 virus infection. According to medical science, there is no cure for the virus as of yet. Circulating the internet are alternative treatments such as eating garlic, bananas and drinking water every 15 minutes. These are not proven to be scientifically accurate. However, it could create a placebo effect. Further, doing something healthy could also ease the feeling of panic.

Student works

Interdisciplinary Project for masterstudents (MAD 1) Spring 2020. Department of Design | Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen

Course Leader: Associate professor Torkell Bernsen
Guest Instructors: Philipp Von Hase and Andreas Zingerle

Written by Andreas Zingerle Philipp Von Hase
Published 19.03.2020 in 7°C

Interdisciplinary Project for masterstudents (MAD 1) Spring 2020
In the middle of the Corona crisis, and the University shut down. Course Leader: Associate professor Torkell Bernsen. Guest Instructors: Philipp Von Hase and Andreas Zingerle.

From Growth to Balance: Designing (im)possible Futures. The theme and process of the course relate to the design department's sustainability goals, and deals with large-scale climate change related issues. The aim is to communicate facts and create scenarios, grounded in facts from scientific research.
What role could designers have in the transition from growth to balance? What futures can you imagine? Are they desirable, surprising, or optimistic? It is easy to imagine a dystopian anthropocene, but how can you build the world you want to live in? We will present the result from two studentgroups.


At our Anti-Virus Taste Lab, you will experience 7 different tastes which help to improve your immune system and mental state. All dishes are created with alternative treatments based on healthy advice (rumors) for COVID-19 in mind. Furthermore, you can bring one or two of your best friends and get back to socialize (under strict coronavirus safety guidelines of course).

Key questions

How can we create a space or object in which people can interact and socialize while going outside safely?

How and what can we learn from the current lockdown situation, how can we make good usage of this for our future?

How can we become more resilient toward viruses in the future?

How can we create a discussion on what kind of future we are heading towards?


Answering these questions. We would like to design a new experience, drawing inspiration from the street food culture.


Diddle du tu tu turu tu tutu...
Let us see you, let us help you.
Search for us,
make a reservation and arrive on time.

Come outside, meet us,
but keep 1 meter safely distance from others.

Let´s Play!
What do you “prefer”?
Let us cure you.

Wash your hand and bon appétit.
Look at it, smell it, take a bite, have a sip.
Share your joy and sorrow with each other.
Chill, take it easy and relax.

Stay healthy, stay calm and see you again!

Taste and Sip

Vitamin C Bandage
Function: When afflicted with the common cold, many people chug orange juice and swallow vitamin C supplements in an attempt to "boost" their immune systems. Although vitamin C supplements don't ward off the common cold in most people, and there's even less evidence that they grant immunity against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Source:


A, Baked blueberry - raspberry - lemon - ginger mass.
B, Baked apple - banana - kiwi mass.
C, Baked apple - lemon - garlic mass.

Bio: Ariadna Rodriguez, Didrik Barman Røberg, Fanni Gárdos, and Juan Qin are MA Students at the Department of Design – Faculty of Fine Art, Music, and Design, University of Bergen. 2020