A Flood of Words

This project focuses on the frustration todays youth feel about climate change. We've grown up hearing about these issues, which have only progressively gotten worse as we've gotten older.

We're tired of hearing about it, and we're missing seeing something being done about it.

We're tired of being flooded with the talk, and we're missing action. Because as we are talking about climate change, climate change is happening.

Student works

BA3 DESIGN: Department of Design | Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen

By Ajla Ceric Irena Siguisabal-Paulsen Eilif Magnus Haugsdal Riisøen Jonatan Berntsen Winther Hanne Cathrine Johnsen Hauge
Published 25.10.2021 in 10°C

Idea and process

At the beginning of the course, the group was unsure of which direction we wanted to go in. We had different starting points and thoughts about climate and environment. Some had strong opinions on the subject, others were not so engaged or did not know enough, and some had little hope for the future when it comes to climate change. It was challenging to find a direction everyone could agree on, but we eventually found a way.

We agreed that we were all very tired of all the talk about climate change, and the lack of action. We therefore chose to focus on what it has been like for our generation to grow up and see the climate change before our eyes. We chose to call the group Dialogues. In addition to focusing on the "conversation" about climate, we also wanted to highlight the frustration and the climate anxiety young people feel.

Moodboard and research


We decided to design three elements for the exhibition; a poster, a moving poster and a video. To make them all connect visually, we created a color palette based on the video scenario, and decided on a common font to work with.

Final installation