Trapped in the dark

Student works
By Ask Kvamme Axel Bryn Bjørnar Øvstedal Ida Haugen Maribo Signe Wohlfeil Tiril Hjelmeland
Published 22.10.2021 in 6°C

Wreck the Bubble

Student works
Written by Coline Cabon Tonje Froastad Tooti Blom Nyan Une Persdatter Brekke Valeria Antezana Acosta Njål Aleksander Granhu
Published 03.11.2021 in 9°C

Visualizing the Invisible

Student works
By Synnøve Areklett Garmann Nora Yuyue Zheng Morten Alesander Lervik Anette Hov Anais Tafur Stølen
Published 26.10.2021 in 8°C

Come Swim With Me

Student works
By Marcela Tomassi Yasmin Stuart Elise Nordstad Kolby Louise Jacoba Wilhelmine Koenen Luiza de Macedo Portela
Published 27.10.2021 in 12°C

Little Big Data Company

Student works
Written by Sara Westergaard Karlsen Nathalie Pigué Kulsrud Alisa Rysaeva Kaho Suzuki
Published 01.11.2021 in 11°C

The Perfect Storm

Student works
By Mia Ellisiv Almaas Ewings Philip David Saavedra Flores Rasmussen Emilia Hanseth Anna Engelund Tjøsvold Elias Henriksen Ludwig Braaten
Published 25.10.2021 in °C

A Flood of Words

Student works
By Ajla Ceric Irena Siguisabal-Paulsen Eilif Magnus Haugsdal Riisøen Jonatan Berntsen Winther Hanne Cathrine Johnsen Hauge
Published 25.10.2021 in 10°C


Student works
Written by Andreas Zingerle Philipp Von Hase
Published 19.03.2020 in 7°C

Reverie Station - Be an origin for action

Student works
Written by Andreas Zingerle Philipp von Hase
Published 19.03.2020 in 7°C

Metamorphosis - a temporary design laboratory

KMD Project
Written by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen Siv Lier
Published 16.12.2019 in 4°C

“We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us,”

KMD Project
Written by Eamon O'Kane
Published 16.12.2019 in 0°C

The Affluenza Center for Overconsumption

Student works
Written by Bo Knoblauch Julian Schlicht Jamile Faller Sammy Hemerik
Published 14.10.2019 in 8°C

Are You Ready?

KMD Project
Written by Frans Jacobi Gitte Sætre
Published 08.10.2019 in 9°C


KMD Project
Written by Frans Jacobi
Published 10.10.2019 in -10°C